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Marcegaglia is Italy’s leading industrial group in the national and international steel sector, which has been processing steel for over sixty years.

The Company’s unique production and business model is a true expression of Italian family entrepreneurship, by successfully combining its own operational flexibility with strong market presence typical of multinationals.

Established in 1959 by Steno Marcegaglia in the town of Gazoldo degli Ippoliti (Mantua) is today a Group fully run by his children Antonio and Emma Marcegaglia.



Independence, dynamism, agility, responsiveness, resilience and sustainability are the key elements of Marcegaglia corporate culture: factors that have helped make the company the main point of reference for steel processing both in Italy and abroad. 

Marcegaglia is able to successfully operate, even given the most difficult markets and geopolitical conditions, thanks to industrial synergies, economies of scale and the diversification of production and supply.

Group culture focuses on the role of people and on sharing specific values, which have become the cornerstones of its business model.


Marcegaglia is present throughout the steel value chain, both horizontally and vertically, thanks to its unique strategic positioning.

The Group is the world’s leading independent steel processor with a product range that covers everything from carbon to stainless steel, from long to flat products, from commodity to specialty.

In January 2023, the Company acquired an electric furnace for special steel products in Sheffield, UK: this being the first primary production asset in the Group's history. Marcegaglia has invested with a view to shortening and stabilising supply chains and developing an offer of increasingly sustainable and competitive products.


Marcegaglia manufactures products sector wide: from distribution to mechanical engineering, industrial plant engineering, building and construction, and the automotive industry, without forgetting specialisations for the food, agriculture, chemical and petrochemical, hydromechanics, hydraulics, furniture sectors and many more.

Over 15,000 customers across Europe and around the world are proof of the Group’s widespread market penetration.

Strong sectorial diversification and presence in multiple geographical areas mean that Marcegaglia does not depend on the performance of a single business or region, guaranteeing its outstanding and perhaps unique resilience in the steel industry.


Ready to seize every opportunity for growth whilst paying constant attention to customers needs, Marcegaglia Group has created a network of 36 production plants that guarantee the very best skills, quality, service and know-how, along with a highly efficient logistics and distribution network.

The large number of hubs located in Europe’s most strategic manufacturing districts and its privately-owned railway terminals and port facilities in the Mediterranean (Ravenna, San Giorgio di Nogaro and Bizerte) allow the company to meet requests from around the globe and ensuring its international customers prompt, flexible and punctual product delivery.


Marcegaglia pays close attention to the origin of raw materials during procurement, which provides real strength and depth to its supply chains. Thanks to partnership agreements with top steel suppliers on five continents, the Group can easily source high-quality materials and various grades of steel, offering its customers a tailor-made service at all times.

The strength of its supply network combined with flexible and diversified solutions allow Marcegaglia to better address market volatility, always satisfying the needs of its customers.


All Group activities strive for excellence, constantly seeking new and improved quality standards and making structural innovation. This is a mindset that is applied to every aspect of corporate life.

A high degree of planning and openness to change make Marcegaglia a ground-breaking company, which is always at the forefront of experimentation and innovation.


The Group’s IT Engineering and RD Divisions are strongly engaged in multiple activities focused on designing and implementing digitisation and integrated automation solutions. Developing high-performance and low-carbon production through the adoption of the best technologies available and optimising the steel production chain and processes. With particular attention to plant productivity, worker safety and energy efficiency thanks to the use of renewable sources.


Marcegaglia has always cared greatly about environmental and social sustainability, well aware that each company must play its part in designing a world that can find the right balance between the use of resources, wellbeing and inclusion.

We have invested in H2 Green Steel, the world’s first zero-emission steel mill; we are partners of the CO2 capture and storage project in the Ravenna industrial district and we are exploring the use of green hydrogen.

We have decided to take a stand by joining the United Nations Global Compact, as part of the Italian network of just over 500 companies, and we are one of the first Italian members of the First Movers Coalition linked to the World Economic Forum.

We also participate in ResponsibleSteel™, a global initiative that aims to contribute to the development of a steel industry that can produce and process steel in an increasingly responsible and sustainable way.


People are at the heart of Marcegaglia’s corporate vision and play an active role of a broader project that goes beyond the workplace. The company looks ahead, promoting diversity, fairness and inclusion to build the best possible working environment and make each of its 7,500 employees truly feel part of the Group.
The development of personal qualities and transversal skills, resource productivity, and employee engagement and collaboration are essential aspects for the human and professional growth of its people, whose actions are crucial for Group’s success.

A permanent museum covering 1,300 square meters at the headquarters of the Group, in Gazoldo degli Ippoliti, takes visitors on an emotional and interactive journey. Retracing the footsteps of the founder, Steno Marcegaglia’s values that defined the company and the many applications that transformed Marcegaglia steel.

A place of higher education for Group employees and collaborators, as well as external users, which shares and amplifies the company know-how, thanks to the constantly updated historical and technical archive of this highly specialised educational hub and digital library.


The Company has forged a relationship with the local area early on thanks to the interest and efforts of the Founders, Steno and Mira Marcegaglia. Over the years this bond has grown deeper, assuming a strong social commitment to support numerous initiatives for the benefit of the community.

Marcegaglia Foundation is the non-profit organisation established in 2010, which demonstrates the natural evolution of the family’s philanthropic spirit which exclusively pursues the purposes of solidarity and support, and the creation of initiatives in social, health, educational, economic spheres.

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